Make Your Marking More Efficient (and get your students to do all the work!)

Marking Past Papers and Topic Tests…

Constructive marking and personalised feedback allows teachers to prove to our students that we value their efforts. It also allows us to structure the next steps for our students and create an individual learning plan. There’s no doubt that this is a beneficial process for both teacher and student. There’s no doubt that this is a hugely beneficial process for both teacher and student.

However, this takes an extraordinary large amount of time and effort.

If you want something done, do it yourself!

Richard Davies is an ex-colleague of mine and a busy man! He and I have often discussed the benefits of students analysing their own work. Students are more likely to act upon weaknesses that they have identified themselves, rather than act upon those pointed out by their teacher. After all. Nobody likes to be criticised by others.

He and I developed this marking grid, which makes so much sense and improves efficiency.

Past Paper Analyser

I love this marking grid because:

  1. It cuts my marking time in half;
  2. Provides individual feedback to every student;
  3. Improves exam technique
  4. Encourages students to self-analyse and improve

I used this resource in a class last week. It reduced the time spent marking while improving the quality of feedback for my students

In one lesson, every student received individual feedback on their exam technique and left the lesson with a clear focus for their revision. I didn’t do a thing! I wandered around the class, discussing their responses and engaging with the students. This is something that would not have happened if I had simply marked it and written comments.

I highly recommend using this resource. It will save time and produce excellent, personalised feedback for every student in your class.

Have you used this marking grid?
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