One Amazingly Simple Tool to Speed Up Report Writing

Did you know that secondary school teachers write between 320-600 individual subject reports every year?

I recently found a solution to a common problem most teachers face when writing reports: they take AGES! 

There are some brilliant pieces of software out there. But I find it difficult to write super-personalised reports using these.

Also, I want to interact with the students before I write their reports – just to be sure that we are all on the same page.

A recent article in the Guardian discusses findings of a report by National Science Learning Network. Look what I discovered:

  • Out of more than 1,200 science teachers surveyed, 61% had considered quitting. Many said that although they loved teaching, there was too much paperwork and unrealistic expectations were placed on them.

Report-writing has to make up some of that stress – right?

  • Last year nearly 50,000 teachers left the profession

Guzled are pretty set on trying to keep people in teaching – especially physics teaching.


I really want to share this tool that will save you time when writing reports
Download This Report Tool Now!

A Good Subject Report Includes:

  • Where each student is doing well;
  • Where there’s not enough progress;
  • How they can individually improve.

This can be a time consuming exercise and it needn’t be.

Here’s How to Write Reports Quickly

I use this self-assessment grid with my students to help me write more effective reports.

Student Self-Assessment Effort Chart


  • Give a copy to your students
  • They tick statements that they agree with
  • Hand it back to you

You can write a super-personalised report for each student detailing:

  • Efforts in class so far
  • Specific targets

and it takes minutes….

Encouraging Self-Assessment

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get students to take ownership of their work. I have found that there is an increasing desire to be “spoonfed” than to work things out themselves.

This tool encourages students to assess their efforts in class and gives clear instructions of the behaviours they must adopt to become outstanding

Download This Report Tool Now!

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