A level Required Practicals: 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Three years after the new A Level practical requirements were introduced, physics teachers have worked extremely hard to meet the CPAC criteria with every students and to be eternally “positive about practicals” whilst integrating them into our normal teaching schedules. In general, the new system seems to be settling in quite smoothly. I personally believe that it encourages a more …

[NEW for 2019]: 41 Ideas for IB Physics IA Investigations

I’ve updated it with advanced information, as it is obviously a post that offers lots of value to readers. I get emails every day from students who have found Guzled online and are looking for help with finding a topic for their IB Physics Internal Assessment. Here’s an example: Most IB Physics teachers will have been met with similar requests …

Drill Those Definitions

I do a lot of physics tutoring and have spent the last week addressing exam technique with my tutees. I have already taught them the magic trick for longer questions (click here for the exam technique magic trick!) and have been surprised at how few of my students have learned the basic definitions. So, this weekend, I sat down and counted the percentage …

Girls in Physics: The Fear of Problem-Solving

According to a recent report by the Institute of Physics, nearly half of all mixed state schools have no girls studying A-level physics at all. Here are a few thoughts on why:
1 – The fear of failure
2 – Practical work can go wrong…
3 – Realistic Role Models
4 – How positively is science portrayed outside the classroom?
5 – Physics is Hard

What can we actually do about it in our classrooms?
This blog offers a free whitepaper with practical tips that you can carry out in your lessons tomorrow that should help girls engage further with physics. These tips are super easy to implement.

Using Interstellar in Physics Lessons

Reasons you may want to stick on a film in your class:
1 – It’s nearly a school holiday??
2 – You have hundreds of reports to write
3 – It is your seventh lesson of the day
4 – It is your first lesson of the day
We all have times when a film is exactly what you need – but can you justify it?

You Dread Teaching This Topic….

We all have topics that we dread teaching. It turns out the 15% of Physics teachers hate teaching particle physics. Yes – this is the perfect opportunity to organise a CERN trip
But what else can help you teach this tricky topic?

Why I Decided to Quit Full Time Teaching

After years of reinventing the wheel and working too hard, I decided to take action. I devoted every free minute of my time to creating Guzled – an online community for Physics Teachers. I was determined to make life easier and here’s why…