One Amazingly Simple Tool to Speed Up Report Writing

Writing reports takes AGES! – especially if you write super-personalised reports with specific goals for each student. Guzled wants to help teachers and we’ve got a brilliant report writing tool. The best bit about it???
The students do all the work!
Read this blog post and get your copy of this brilliant report-writing tool.

Using Interstellar in Physics Lessons

Reasons you may want to stick on a film in your class:
1 – It’s nearly a school holiday??
2 – You have hundreds of reports to write
3 – It is your seventh lesson of the day
4 – It is your first lesson of the day
We all have times when a film is exactly what you need – but can you justify it?

You Dread Teaching This Topic….

We all have topics that we dread teaching. It turns out the 15% of Physics teachers hate teaching particle physics. Yes – this is the perfect opportunity to organise a CERN trip
But what else can help you teach this tricky topic?

Why I Decided to Quit Full Time Teaching

After years of reinventing the wheel and working too hard, I decided to take action. I devoted every free minute of my time to creating Guzled – an online community for Physics Teachers. I was determined to make life easier and here’s why…