Welcome Ogden Trust Teachers

Dear Dan, Jackie and Henry

Thank you for taking time to look through the Guzled website and the resources that we have to offer. As Clare has probably mentioned, Guzled is currently a resources website that offer premium resources for an annual subscription fee. My goal is to make all resources on Guzled free to all UK physics teachers.

The project would involve a redesign of the website to make downloading resources quicker and easier. There are also plans to have the resources editable from the current pdf format. The same great search functions and customer service will remain!

I’ve prepared a 2 minute video below to explain how best to use the site. In particular, I recommend the timestamp of 1:02 – as this will be most efficient for you to download quickly and effectively after logging in!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on hi@sallyweatherly.com

Best Wishes

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After using the premium resources for a few weeks, I would usually send an email asking “how are you finding Guzled Resources?”.

Here are some of the responses I have received…

“Guzled is a fantastic website providing an excellent resource base for the breadth of the A-Level and IB courses”Ian Hanley, Head of Physics, Whitgift School
“Guzled is a massive timesaver and the relevance to the specification is brilliant.”Kieron Wilson, Director of Science, Rastrick High School
Guzled has helped
Physics Teachers
Guzled is mapped to
UK Post-16 Specifications
“I have found the information on Guzled and resources to be incredibly inspiring, I intend to make a lot more use of these.”Pete Caulfield, Belvedere Academy
“I have been teaching physics for two years now and using Guzled resources has made life so much easier for me!”Isabel Castro