Frequently Asked Questions

Guzled really believes in teaching great Physics lessons.

We offer lots of help. Over 2000 physics teachers worldwide have looked to Guzled to help with some of their current frustrations in teaching. We try to offer solutions in the form of teaching resources, guides, short videos, blog posts and teaching tools.

We also offer high quality premium teaching resources to physics teachers. You can purchase and download these ready-to-use, bespoke resources for each specification.

The best value option to get access to these resources is to use our monthly membership.

Guzled really wants to be accessible for all teachers. So we have developed two different sets of resources:

Guzled Community Resources (always free)

This is a bank of resources that we are trying to build. Share your resources with every physics teacher int he world and we will keep them free – forever.

Check out these free resources

Guzled Premium Resources (Paid)

We have written resources that are mapped to your exam board and are professionally edited. These are special. They will save you so much time. Every practical has sample data. Every questions sheets has worked solutions. Every powerpoint is fully editable. These resources are so valuable.

Best Premium Value: Monthly Membership

Let us tell you more about these resources:

Premium Practicals


Premium Questions


Premium Starter Activities


Premium Powerpoints

(or Keynotes for Mac Users)

About Guzled Physics Powerpoints

Premium Lesson Plans

(we call them User Guides)


Premium Topic Tests


You need to register (it’s free) to download the Guzled Community Resources and to share your resources with us. You don’t need to give lots of information – just your first name and email address.

We are honoured that you would trust us with you email address and we promise not to abuse this trust. We just want to send you emails that have super useful stuff for physics teachers.

Premium resources have been written by our Founder – Sally Weatherly over the course of three years. If you want to know more about her experience and expertise in the field of physics teaching – just click here.

Premium resources are:

  • Mapped to your exam board;
  • Are constantly updated;
  • Have been professionally edited;
  • Exceed all current teaching and learning expectations;
  • Encourage self-assessment from students (using worked solutions)
  • Make practical work an absolute breeze. The sample data and example write-up for every practical sets the right standards for students in practical work. It is also really useful when a student misses a practical (or their data goes wonky) they can have a copy of reliable data and how it should have gone.
You can purchase premium resources in three different ways:

Buy your resources ad hoc.

You may only need a couple of resources every now and again. That’s great.

Cost: from £1.75

Use our monthly membership.

This is by far the most cost effective. You effectively get £10 free resources every month on this membership.

Cost: £10 per month.

Annual Subscription.

This is perfect for school physics departments. Upon purchase of an annual subscription – every member of the department will benefit from unlimited downloads for the whole year.

Cost: from £325 per annum

For our free Guzled Community resources – they will simply download onto your computer after clicking the “download” button.

Premium resources will download in the same way AND will be saved in “My Account” for 30 days.

Our teaching resources only require that you have the latest Adobe Reader installed. Adobe Reader is free to download and install. You will also need Winzip or similar to unzip the folders.
Guzled is here to help all physics teachers, in any way we can. We totally understand if you want to cancel your membership after you feel like you’ve made good use of it.

Your monthly membership will automatically renew every month. The annual subscription will automatically renew every year.

Simply go to My Account, click on the “Subscription tab and you will see your subscription details there. Click “View” and you can easily cancel or resubscribe from here.


The advantage of the Guzled Community is that you’ll have access to the growing bank of free teaching resources. You’ll also receive a weekly update (via email) with an interesting blog post or a useful recommendation in teaching physics.

If you’d like to stop your Guzled Community membership and/or stop receiving emails – no problem. We don’t want to clog up your inbox with stuff that doesn’t interest you!

Email Sally to remove yourself from the Guzled Community.

Click Unsubscribe in one of Sally’s emails to stop receiving emails.