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Sally Weatherly


Sally Weatherly

Guzled Founder

Sally is the Guzled founder and (more importantly!) a Physics teacher.

Read about her various responsibilities over there 


(January 2014 – Present)

I started Guzled because I wanted an online community that would make life easier for Physics Teachers.

I don’t want us to have to use our summer holiday to write resources and schemes of work. Term time is hard enough – especially with the increasing admin and pastoral demands in teaching.

Guzled began whilst I was still teaching, but I became completely obsessed with it! I resigned from my job and committed to sharing Guzled teaching resources worldwide.

I know that I can’t manage an online community for Physics Teachers without being an active part of it, so I teach when time allows.

I work way harder now than I ever did in teaching. It is important to me that Guzled is as inclusive as possible. I don’t run the site to become a millionaire! Far from it! I exist on tutoring wages….

But I believe what I’m doing is a good thing and I’m motivated to keep going. Luckily I’m partial to cheap wine and have never been one for fancy restaurants.

(April 2018 – Present)

I’ve always wanted to write a textbook. I am also passionate about online learning. So, when the opportunity arose to write an online textbook with Kognity – I jumped at the chance!

I am currently working on Topic 9 – Wave Phenomena.

So if you or your school have a subscription to Kognity learning platform – spare a thought for me every time you log on!


(August 2016 – Present)

In my mind the IoP Teach Network has one simple remit:

Help to Teach Great Physics Lessons

This motto was the founding reason for me starting Guzled – so it seemed natural that I would join the team.

I was delighted to be elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in 2017.

One crucial strength of the IoP teacher network is the willingness to share and help each other – I am proud to be a part of that.

Part of my role is to design and maintain a website for Scottish physics teachers (Guzled Scotland). This website allows easier sharing of Physics teaching resources and builds upon the already excellent communication of our network. Again, this was a natural extension of my business.

Other job responsibilities include:

  • Consultant to the Institute of Physics (IoP) to support local teachers on their behalf.
  • Design and maintain an online platform to share the teacher generated IoP teaching resources, whilst building an online support community.
  • Organise and deliver free CPD workshops, conferences and events


(September 2016 – September 2017)

In May 2016, I wrote a paper titled:

UPDATED: A Level Practical Endorsement:
Lessons Learned from the First Year
(and what needs to be the focus for next year)

This led to a fantastic, energetic conversation with Catherine Witter – the Lead Practical Adviser for AQA. We shared similar beliefs about practical work in science and she encouraged me to apply to the role of Practical Adviser for AQA.

My main role was to carry out A Level practical endorsement visits to schools. This includes the following:

  • Observing practical activity taking place
  • Reviewing the minimum documentary requirements
  • Reviewing student records
  • Talking with staff and pupils

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of science teachers and chatting about practical.



(March 2014 – Present)

This is a voluntary role for the Dynamic Earth, which is a science centre in Edinburgh.

I was appointed to the Dynamic Earth Board because of my keen interest in promoting science and my reputation of inspiring students to study Physics and Engineering in further education. This role requires that I apply my skills, knowledge, experiences and attributes to the board and work collectively to make decisions at formal board meetings.

It’s a super fun place to go and I would recommend everyone to visit!

Teaching Resources Ltd is a company that offers workshops and general consulting in the area of Physics teaching. Here are some examples of what I do :

Deliver workshops on the topic of Physics teaching:

  • ASE Conference, Birmingham, January 2016: Secrets to Perfect Practicals in A Level and IB Physics
  • ASE Conference, Birmingham, January 2016: From Stars to Salts: This Real-Time Spectrometer Brings Visible Light to Life!
  • STEMTech Conference, Telford, June 2016: Using Digital TeachingResources in Science Teaching
  • ASE Scotland Conference, Dundee, March 2017: Time-Saving Tips for Science Teachers
  • IoP Scotland Teacher Meeting, Stirling, April 2018: Teaching Particle Physics to Higher and Advanced Higher Students

Provide monthly guest blogging for Timstar: Topical issues affecting Science teachers. Blog can be read here.

I guest host #ASEChat on Twitter. The last topic was “Time-Saving Tips for Teachers” and that was great fun.


(Sept 2007 – Dec 2013)

I was appointed Head of Physics at Fettes College within my first year of teaching.

Throughout my time at Fettes, I taught the International Baccalaureate (IB) and most A Level specifications. I also trained numerous physics teachers.

I am proud of the transformation that took place within the department under my leadership; not only in terms of the quality of teaching and learning, but also in the enthusiasm and success that our pupils constantly delivered. Upon my departure, the Physics Department was known as a vibrant and energetic department with consistently excellent results.

I worked really hard on the department schemes of work at Fettes and they were recognised as being of excellent quality. Other departments started to copy what I was doing – so it was a natural process for me to take this to a wider audience.

I loved working at Fettes, but a full time job in a boarding school (with two babies and a husband who worked away) is not sustainable in the long term.


I love teaching physics and I try to teach whenever possible around my other work commitments. I think it is extremely important to regularly re-engage with teaching methods if Guzled is to effectively support the profession.

I intermittently work at Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh, supporting any maternity leave and cover requirements.


(September 2015)

This was a one-off guest lecture for the PGCE Physics programme.

I led a one-day workshop on the effective delivery of Physics practical lessons; focussing on:

  • New curriculum requirements.
  • Planning practical lessons.
  • Troubleshooting equipment.
  • Methods for adopting a “science capital” approach in practical work.
  • The importance of embedding pedagogy in practical science.



(October 2016 – Present)

The Guzled journey has been really difficult and I’ve had to face some crushing failures along the way. Building a business from scratch is all-consuming.

I was asked to lecture for the Management School at the University of Stirling to lecture on my experiences as an entrepreneur. Part of this series dealt with making the best out of failure and success.

I’ve partnered with the University of Stirling for a few things and have found them to be an absolute delight to work with!

Whitgift school have an annual subscription with Guzled

(Sept 2005 – July 2007)

I completed my NQT programme at Whitgift and taught GCSE, A Level and IB to all abilities. I like to think that I perfected the art of self-evaluating lessons and creating resources that still play a part in my teaching and learning delivery.


(January 2014 – Present)

As if I’m not busy enough! I also own and run a small holiday accommodation business.

The Garden Rooms are pretty special – they’ve been featured in Grand Designs, the Guardian, GQ Magazine and Scottish Field.

If you need some accommodation in Edinburgh – you know where to come!


Papers Published


Guzled Awards

After only a few months of being up-and-running, it was an honour to have been named as a finalist for:

Best Whole Course Subject Curriculum Resource

Guzled Website

Listen to the Sally explain the problem with teaching resources and her mission to help physics teachers worldwide.