Guzled Premium Resources

We create really useful resources. They have clear instructions, clear learning objectives and clear benefits of use. Our resources are available as pdf downloads, keynote and powerpoint presentations.

Guzled Premium Resources include the following:

  • Connector.


    Editable, clear and precise, with informative graphics Click here!

  • Connector.


    Includes sample data. Meets exam board practical requirements. Click Here!

  • Connector.


    Includes worked solutions. Develops maths skills and scientific ideas. Click Here!

  • Connector.

    Starter Activities

    Starter activities that develop effective questioning and discussion with students. Click Here!

  • Connector.

    Topic Tests

    Bespoke for each exam specification, with a clear marking scheme included. Click Here!

  • Connector.

    User Guides

    Like a lesson plan – but better! Resources, time and learning objectives all stated clearly. Click Here!

  • Connector.


    Activities include mind maps, brainteasers, ICT activities and much more Click Here!

  • example-guzled-powerpoint

    Sample Guzled Powerpoint

  • 1543

    Sample instructions given to a student in a Guzled practical worksheet

  • example-guzled-questions

    Sample Guzled question sheet

  • example-sample-data-guzled-2

    Example sample data provided with every guzled practical

  • example-guzled-test

    Sample Guzled Topic Test

Guzled is designed to meet every need of the physics teacher; from a simple download of a single resource, to a complete bespoke scheme of work for the whole department.

“I love that all the work done by Guzled helps me so much with mine.”Pete Caulfield, Belvedere Academy