Luanne’s Time-Saving Tips for Dangerous Minds…

Luanne would use THIS Marking Tool to save time. Every student would have individual feedback, but she would have time to pay a special visit her student’s family to congratulate him on his work. BOOM – teacher of the year award.
“Students are more likely to act upon weaknesses that they have identified themselves, rather than act upon those pointed out by their teacher.”

If you have marked a set of topic tests (or past papers), use this teaching tool.

I GUARANTEE it will:

  1. Cut marking time in half
  2. Provide individual feedback to all students
  3. Improve exam technique
  4. Engage your students in their own learning
  5. Encourage your students to self-analyse and improve

This marking grid gives super individual feedback to students on their performance in topic tests or past papers. The best bit…? 

Students do it themselves!

Click Here for a “Clean” Version of this Marking Grid

“I have students mark alongside app like Plickers, so feedback immediate and data ready for Q level analysis”

Plickers lets you poll your class for free, without the need for student devices.

Just give each student a card (a “paper clicker”), and use your iPhone/iPad to scan them to do instant checks-for-understanding, exit tickets, and impromptu polls.

Best of all, your data is automatically saved, student-by-student, at

Fantastic Formative Assessment!!

I LOVE Plickers! I discovered Plickers at a training last spring. I immediately jumped right in and printed a class set. Super easy, and my 6th graders loved it!! This time I printed a set for each class because collecting and passing out each period was a lot, but they will go right inside their interactive notebooks. It is fun, engaging, and private. No one sees who answered what, so it's very safe. Great way to see how your students are doing. You just need a smartphone! Thank you Plickers! And what a great way to include use of technology for teacher evaluations!
by Susie

Five Stars!

“Don’t spend 60 minutes planning a 5 minute activity – your planning:delivery ratio will be all wrong”

A lesson typically lasts one hour. If you spend one hour preparing that lesson then your planning:delivery ratio is 1:1.

If you use that lesson plan again for another group in the same year, your planning:delivery ratio is 1:2. GREAT!

Ideally, you should be looking to make this planning:delivery ratio as high as possible.

For example, a lesson starter would typically last 5 minutes. DO NOT spend 50 minute planning this starter – your planning:delivery ration would be 10:1. TERRIBLE!

Only plan quality resources that can be used again and again. Include differentiation and different learning styles in these resources. They will be useful for any ability in years to come.

“We are starting to use ‘LabLogger’ to organise practical orders with technicians.  This should save time in the long run as all standard practicals will be stored on the system.”Justin Clements
Head of Physics, Wycliffe College

I’ve had a good look into LabLogger and it really should be a time-saver for all schools. It is super quick (and easy) to tailor it to your exact timetable and practical needs. It becomes a completely bespoke system that allows you to define your lesson periods, labs, holidays, experiment deadlines and equipment.

Click on the video below for more information:

It’s completely free for one year, which is really generous and allows you to experience a full academic cycle before you sign up for a reasonable £99 per year.

Sign up for your LabLogger Free Trial Here

“Since I launched Guzled in May 2015, I’ve made it my mission to ensure helpful resources are accessible to all physics teachers; making their lives a whole lot easier.”


I am a physics teacher and I love most of what my job entails: building relationship with students and colleagues, sharing my knowledge with others and helping students achieve their potential.

We can all afford to make our lives a little easier. We don’t have to make bespoke worksheets or powerpoints for every class. Departments don’t even really need to build their own scheme of work from scratch. Let’s not reinvent the wheel every time.

The trouble is that most conscientious teachers will do this. In my career, I’ve spent many summer holidays updating our schemes of work with bespoke resources. It was exhausting and time-consuming.

This is why Guzled began.

I believe that teachers can cut their planning and marking in time in half by simply using a high quality resource bank, but none really existed. So I built one, from scratch.

I founded Guzled with the aim of helping physics teachers of all levels, whether Guzled resources are a starting point for a lesson plan or a complete scheme of work for the whole department. Even if it just allows you to go home a bit earlier and see the kids before bedtime or meet friends in a pub for a drink.

This guide shows you how to save time. Guzled can help you by providing your with all the teaching resources you need.

You can afford to give yourself a break and trust us. We’re here to help.