Required Practical 4 - Young Modulus
Required Practical 4 – Young ModulusRequired Practical 4 – Young Modulus

Required Practical 4 – Young Modulus


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This practical allows the student to determine the Young Modulus of copper wire, using a long table and a pulley.


Young Modulus of Copper Wire

Suggested Time

60 minutes

Practical Techniques

  • Use a ruler to record a range of measurements of distance and interpolate between scale markings.
  • Use methods to increase accuracy of measurements, including use of a fiduciary marker.
  • Use calipers and micrometers for small distances, using digital or vernier scales.

Student Sheet

Sample Data

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Guzled tried this experiment with a variety of different methods and materials. It was felt that the method using a long table and a pulley would be more suitable due to the availability of the correct equipment for most schools. The wire tends to reach plastic deformation quickly in this method, but Young Modulus can be found easily and the evaluation is very thorough.

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